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The International Treasures

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The International Treasures are Doyle Turner and Ted Hajnasiewicz.

Tugging on heartstrings and bringing smiles to faces since 2020, your Minnesota neighbors have been captivating audiences throughout the Midwest with their charismatic storytelling, sweet harmonies, and transcendent songs about the universal human condition. Active performers as solo artists and involved in various musical projects, Ted and Doyle both have a solid recording catalog. The International Treasures’ debut album, Together, We Are The International Treasures will be released into the world on Sept. 17, 2023.   

Ted was named the Midwest Country Music Organization’s 2022 Maverick Award Winner, a year after his video “Just For Show” won the MCMO’s 2021 Video of the Year. Doyle is a celebrated songwriter, recently having been selected as finalist in the 2023 Red Lodge Songwriting Competition.

Doyle Turner and Ted Hajnasiewicz are two gifted musicians who have come together to create something truly extraordinary.  There is a palpable synergy when they appear together on stage. 

Doyle Turner and Ted Hajnasiewicz - Together, they are the International Treasures.

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The International Treasures - ChrisHolm



Minnesota, USA



Americana, Folk Rock, Alt. Country


years active//






Doyle Turner // vox, guitars

Ted Hajnasiewicz // vox, guitars

Joe Meyer // bass

Mikkell Johnson // fiddle, banjo, vox

Brent Fuqua // mandolin

Nikki Lemire // harp, piano, vox

Dean Severson // pedal steel

Ricky Parker // drums

Troy Foss // percussion

Steve Peffer // piano, organ

"Love Choir" //

Joe Meyer / Nikki Lemire / Mikkell Johnson

Molly Turner / Phyliss Hajnasiewicz

Troy Foss / Doyle Turner / Ted Hajnasiewicz


"Together, We Are the International Treasures"
Ted Hajnasiewicz "It's Fine" (2022)
Doyle Turner "Sweet, Difficult Sounds" (2022)
Ted Hajnasiewicz "Just For Show" (2021)
Doyle Turner "Run a Little Faster" (2023)
HebbaJebba (2021)
Doyle Turner "Clear & True" (2021)




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Booking// 763.772.8133



Elephants & Flowers Media - Krista Vilinskis :, 612.242.1727

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